Crows Nest Station

Crows Nest Station is an underground station, about 25 metres below ground level, located in the Crows Nest residential area.

Main station features

The station provides new metro rail access to the Crows Nest residential area and serves people within walking and cycling distance. It improves travel to local schools, businesses and Crows Nest village. The station creates a new transport focus on the southern side of the St Leonards specialised centre which supports the St Leonards southern gateway to commercial and mixed-use activities.

The station includes:

  • A pedestrian crossing with traffic lights at the Pacific Highway/Oxley Street intersection
  • Pedestrian crossings on Clarke and Hume streets
  • Bike parking adjacent to Hume Street near the station entries
  • An on-road marked cycle route on Hume Street
  • Kiss and ride on Clarke Street and taxi Bays on Hume Street and Clarke Street
  • The existing southbound bus stop to be retained near the metro station along the Pacific Highway and the northbound bus stop to be relocated to Oxley Street closer to the station entrance on the Pacific Highway
  • Wayfinding signage and Sydney Metro information.

Access and entry

Access and entry is via the corner of Clarke Street and Hume Street, and the corner of Pacific Highway and Oxley Street.


The station is located on the western fringe of the Crows Nest village, between the Pacific Highway and Clarke Lane (eastern side of the Pacific Highway) and Oxley Street.

Indicative travel time (from 2024):

  • 4 minutes to Chatswood Station
  • 5 minutes to Barangaroo Station
  • 7 minutes to Sydney Metro Martin Place Station.

Station construction

Construction activities are based on the Crows Nest construction site functioning as two separate construction zones split by Hume Street. The station excavation covers the majority of the site, with a temporary street-level working platform.

Work underway involves:

  • Supporting road header usage
  • Removing excavated material.

Construction updates

Monthly notification - Crows Nest Station - August 2020
PDF | 673.45 KB
Construction notification - Crows Nest - Out-of-hours banner installation
PDF | 572.17 KB
Construction notification - Crows Nest - Out-of-hours line marking
PDF | 473.27 KB
Quarterly newsletter - Crows Nest - July 2020
PDF | 3.57 MB
Newsletter - Crows Nest Station - April 2020
PDF | 1.7 MB

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