Health and Safety

Safety and wellbeing are part of Sydney Metro's six core values.

Our priority is to send everyone home safely every day – employees, contractors, customers and members of the community.

We collaborate with our partners, operators and broader industry to create a strong health and safety culture, driving behaviours to positively influence health and safety.

Be truck aware

Please be aware of Sydney Metro construction activity in the CBD and to stay safe around construction sites.

As Sydney Metro construction increases in the CBD, please keep safety in mind – pay attention when crossing the road, be aware of increased truck movements and watch out for changed conditions around construction sites.

The new metro station construction sites look similar to other major development sites in the CBD – with buildings coming down, then excavation work deep underground before the new stations start to take shape.

Work, health and safety commitment statement COVID-19

The NSW Government and Delivery Partners are committed to a healthy, safe and sustainable construction industry. The health and wellbeing of the workforce – and the community – is at the forefront of our minds. In this rapidly changing environment, the NSW Government and industry are united in securing a collaborative pathway forward.

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