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Metro North West - Cherrybrook Station

Metro Art

Metro Art commissions public art by leading Australian and NSW artists, both experienced and emerging.

Uplifting, intriguing and diverse public art will be prominently and permanently located at each new Sydney Metro station.

This legacy will be enjoyed by the customers and communities that the Sydney Metro serves.

The Metro Art Vision

Sydney Metro’s vision is to elevate the customer’s journey with art and engagement.

Sydney Metro uses international best-practice, urban design and place-making principles for stations, plazas and precincts.

More than just places to catch the train, stations will become engaging centres for contemporary community life. The Metro Art Program is a key part of this place-making approach.

Metro Art will enhance the quality and character of each place, elevate the customer experience, and animate daily journeys. It includes line-wide stories and site-specific public art. Each commission will add to the growing collection.

Art will punctuate arrivals and departures. Artworks will be an engaging part of many thousands of journeys – and transform stations into lively cultural destinations.

The Sydney Metro Art Masterplan provides further detail on the Metro Art Vision, the program objectives and commissioning process.

North West

North West

City & Southwest

City & Southwest

Health and safety

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