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Sydney's new train

Sydney’s new-generation metro trains are designed to make customer journeys easy – from level access with platforms to multi-purpose areas for prams, luggage and bicycles and real-time travel information.

Fast, safe and reliable, the trains operate exclusively on the Sydney Metro network and are required to run at 98 per cent on-time reliability. The new train is made by world-class manufacturer Alstom. It’s customised for Sydney but is based on the international Metropolis train, which is used in 25 cities including metros in Singapore, Barcelona and Amsterdam.

Take a look inside a metro train in 360 degrees with this interactive video.

Sydney Metro train features

  • Level access between the platform and train and three double doors per side per carriage for faster loading and unloading.
  • Heating and air-conditioning in all metro trains.
  • A new generation of fast, safe and reliable metro train.
  • At all times, a team of expert train controllers will monitor Sydney Metro, making sure everything runs smoothly.
  • Wheelchair spaces, separate priority seating and emergency intercoms inside trains.
  • Continuous mobile phone coverage throughout the metro network.
  • Two multi-purpose areas per train for prams, luggage and bicycles.

New generation of fast, safe and reliable metro trains.


Safety is the number one priority for the design, construction and operation of Sydney Metro, Australia’s first fully-automated rail network. Around the world, millions of people use these networks everyday in cities like Paris, Singapore, Dubai and Hong Kong. Before passenger services start, the operator will have to be accredited by the national rail safety regulator.

  • Customer service assistants will be moving through the network during the day and night.
  • Each train has 38 security cameras and inside each train you can see from the front to the back – a big safety benefit.
  • Each train and platform also has help points that link directly back to the expert train controllers at the state-of-the-art operations control centre.
  • The NSW Police Public Transport Command will patrol the metro rail network, just as they do for the rest of Sydney’s public transport network.
  • State-of-the-art communications and control systems help run all aspects of this brand new standalone railway. These are part of a closed system with no external connections, as a safeguard.

Customer safety is the number one priority of Sydney Metro, Australia’s first fully-automated railway.



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