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Text version of train features infographic

Train features

Train features read from left to right of a train at a station platform.

  1. Customer service assistants at every station and moving through the network during the day and night.
  2. 170 metre long platforms. Longer that most of Sydney.
  3. Heating and air conditioning.
  4. Three double doors per carriage for faster loading and unloading.
  5. Level access between platform and train.
  6. Inside you can see from one end of the train to the other.
  7. Platform screen doors keep people and objects away from the edge and allow trains to get in and out faster.
  8. Two multi-purpose areas per train for prams, luggage and bicycles.
  9. Wheelchair spaces, separate priority seating and emergency intercoms.
  10. Real-time travel information and live electronic route maps.

Safety features

Safety features read from left to right, with images of a control room and train exiting a tunnel.

Sydney Metro is Australia's first fully-automated metro rail network. Around the world, millions of people use these networks every day in cities like Paris, Singapore, Dubai and Hong Kong.

  1. Constant monitoring: Expert train controllers monitor entire metro system.
  2. Operations Control Centre: State-of-the-art network controlled from a new high-tech facility at Tallawong Road.
  3. Security: More than 230 tunnel cameras.
  4. Faster journeys: System minimises the time trains are stopped at stations and the time between each train.
  5. Signalling and communications systems: controls the trains, tunnels, platforms and skytrain to deliver a safe and reliable journey.
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