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Environmental management

Sydney Metro has a Construction Environmental Management Framework (CEMF) that sets out environmental and sustainability management standards to help ensure Sydney Metro and its contractors comply with statutory and planning requirements.

This framework addresses the management of environmental impacts in relation to:

  • noise and vibration
  • traffic and transport
  • local businesses
  • landscape and visual amenity
  • ground water and geology
  • soil and water quality
  • flooding and hydrology
  • air quality
  • waste management
  • flora and fauna
  • stakeholder and community involvement
  • general site works
  • spoil management
  • visual amenity management
  • carbon and energy management
  • materials management
  • heritage

Documents outlining how these environmental impacts are managed are accessible from the Sydney Metro document library.

Environment Protection Licence

The program of works carried out by Sydney Metro includes scheduled activities under the Protection of the Environment Operations Act 1997 (NSW). Sydney Metro has developed an Environment Protection Licence (EPL) strategy to ensure the requirements of these licences are managed and met effectively.

The EPLs for each of the Sydney Metro contractors are accessible from the NSW Environment Protection Authority website.

Approach to planning approvals

Northwest planning and compliance

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