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Canterbury Station

About Canterbury Station

Customers at Canterbury Station will have a new air-conditioned metro train every four minutes in the peak – that’s 15 trains an hour. Canterbury Station is currently serviced by four trains an hour in the morning peak.

The station will be upgraded with new lifts for the first time, level access between platforms and trains and platform screen doors to keep people and objects away from the tracks.

Planning and compliance

Sydney Metro received planning approval on 19 December 2018 to upgrade the T3 Bankstown Line between Sydenham and Bankstown to metro standards.

The Submissions and Preferred Infrastructure Report for the Sydenham to Bankstown Metro upgrade was on exhibition until 18 July 2018.

A Station Design and Precinct Plan (SDPP) has been prepared for Canterbury Station that shows how the new station design has developed and how it will integrate with the surrounding precinct. The summary document details key improvements. An unincorporated joint venture of Haslin Constructions Pty Limited and Stephen Edwards Constructions Pty Ltd. has been awarded the contract to upgrade Marrickville, Canterbury and Lakemba stations on the more than 125-year-old T3 Bankstown Line to metro rail standards.

For more information see City & Southwest planning and compliance documentation or Marrickville, Canterbury and Lakemba stationsto find out more about our major contractors involved in the project.

If you are having difficulty locating a document, please contact the City & Southwest project at or call our 24-hour community information line on 1800 171 386.

Travel times

Canterbury to:  Now (minutes) Sydney Metro (minutes)  Savings (minutes)
Central  Up to 20  16  Up to 4
Pitt Street (new CBD station)  Up to 31*  18  Up to 13
Barangaroo (new CBD station)  Up to 45*  22  Up to 23
Victoria Cross (North Sydney)  Up to 46*  25  Up to 21
Chatswood  Up to 54*  31  Up to 23
Macquarie University  Up to 65*  42  Up to 23

* Includes time to interchange and/or walk

Hurlstone Park Station

Campsie Station

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