Integrated Station Development


Sydney Metro will revitalise communities, transform places and make the nation’s only global city more liveable and connected.

Australia’s largest city will be more productive and more attractive globally. Not only will this new mass transit system move more people safely and reliably than ever before, it will unlock the potential of Sydney as a growing global city – creating new and diverse opportunities to support changing communities.

Joining other great global mass transit development initiatives, the NSW Government has identified stations on the Sydney Metro system which can be better integrated with the areas around them, creating world-class places that will shape our city’s future.

Creating great places in a global city

Building new metro stations for Sydney will create exciting opportunities to bring together international best practice and innovative urban thinking to shape and create vibrant and attractive places in the precincts surrounding reach station.

Vibrant places help strengthen communities, attract visitors, workers and investment and enhance our city’s liveability. Sydney’s new metro stations will create focal points in the communities that they serve, with new places for people to live, work, shop and play – and public spaces designed to encourage walking, cycling and social interaction.

Each station is different in character, and will require a tailored place-based approach to planning and place making to realise opportunities in each area.

A new international standard of place

In building new metro stations for Sydney, an exciting opportunity exists to integrate global best practice and innovative thinking to create a sense of place.

Vibrant neighbourhoods help strengthen communities, attract investment and enhance liveability. A dynamic place integrates restaurants, parks, footpaths, buildings and other public space to invite greater interaction between people and foster healthier, more social and economically viable communities.

Sydney Metro will help create places that are easy to access, are connected to their surroundings, are comfortable and clean, and that provide social interactions and boundless opportunities.

Supporting and developing local communities

Local communities are the focal point in planning, designing and managing public spaces.

Through urban design principles and place making, Sydney Metro stations will be more than somewhere to catch the train; they will be the centre of the communities through a variety of uses.

Transport for NSW will work closely with communities on how to best integrate station development and deliver stations and buildings that are thriving, welcoming hubs for everyone to enjoy.

Victoria Cross

The concept proposal for Victoria Cross is a 40-storey commercial building above the station’s southern entrance integrating retail opportunities and enhancing North Sydney as a thriving commercial, residential and entertainment hub.

The future development will sit prominently in the North Sydney Skyline and complement neighbouring development including existing heritage buildings and nearby buildings currently under construction.

Victoria Cross Station artist's impression

Pitt Street

There are two integrated station development sites – Pitt Street North (Park Street) and Pitt Street South (Bathurst Street).

Pitt Street North is proposed to be a 47-storey mixed use tower which could include hotel and residential uses. Pitt Street South is proposed to be a 65-storey residential tower with about 300 apartments, and resident amenities.

The proposed towers are consistent with existing and emerging developments in the area. They present a unique opportunity to add to the Sydney skyline.

Crows Nest Station

The new metro station at Crows Nest will be a welcoming and inclusive transport hub, boosting accessibility for businesses and residents in the Crows Nest-St Leonards area.

It supports the continued growth in the area and the village atmosphere that makes Crows Nest an attractive place to live, work and relax.

Separated from the shopping and dining precinct of Willoughby Road by Hume Street Park, the new integrated station development will boost productivity and increase accessibility in the Crows Nest area.

The planning process for the integrated station development at Crows Nest Station will start in 2018.

Sydney Metro Integrated Station Development

Martin Place

Serving one of Sydney’s premier commercial and financial districts, the Macquarie Street precinct and the Pitt Street retail zone, Martin Place is in the heart of the Sydney CBD.

The new station provides efficient interchange in the CBD through convenient, direct connections to the T4 Eastern Suburbs and Illawarra Line platforms and integrates with the public domain and improved transport access.

The NSW Government has received an unsolicited proposal from Macquarie Group Limited to deliver an integrated station development for Martin Place Station. Macquarie Group is currently preparing a final binding offer to the NSW Government for consideration.

If the Macquarie Group unsolicited proposal is unsuccessful, the NSW Government will proceed with its own integrated station development.

Planning program

The Secretary’s Environmental Assessment Requirements (SEARs) for integrated station development at Victoria Cross and Pitt Street will be requested in November 2017. This is required for the preparation of the State Significant Development Application.

Concept State Significant Development Applications (SSDA) are expected to be lodged for each site in the first quarter of 2018 and public consultation will follow.

The sites are classified as state significant given their scale and integration with Sydney Metro.

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