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Artist's impression of Victoria Cross Station entrance

Integrated station development


An integrated station and precinct development (ISD) is made up of the metro station and building(s) above and/or around the station that could deliver a range of uses like community facilities, new homes and green spaces, shops, restaurants and commercial office spaces.

Integrated station developments (ISDs) are built at the same time as the station. This helps reduce the community impacts and allows for the development to be completed close to when services start. These developments will deliver new stations combined with commercial buildings, homes, community facilities, retail space and better pedestrian connections.

Sydney Metro will revitalise communities, transform places and make the nation’s only global city more liveable and connected.

Australia’s largest city will be more productive and more attractive globally. Not only will this new mass transit system move more people safely and reliably than ever before, it will unlock the potential of Sydney as a growing global city – creating new and diverse opportunities to support changing communities.

Joining other great global mass transit development initiatives, the NSW Government has identified stations on the Sydney Metro system which can be better integrated with the areas around them, creating world-class places that will shape our city’s future.

Creating great places in a global city

Building new metro stations for Sydney will create exciting opportunities to bring together international best practice and innovative urban thinking to shape and create vibrant and attractive places in the precincts surrounding each station.

Vibrant places help strengthen communities, attract visitors, workers and investment and enhance our city’s liveability. Sydney’s new metro stations will create focal points in the communities that they serve, with new places for people to live, work, shop and play – and public spaces designed to encourage walking, cycling and social interaction.

Each station is different in character, and will require a tailored place-based approach to planning and place making to realise opportunities in each area.

A new international standard of place

In building new metro stations for Sydney, an exciting opportunity exists to integrate global best practice and innovative thinking to create a sense of place.

Vibrant neighbourhoods help strengthen communities, attract investment and enhance liveability. A dynamic place integrates restaurants, parks, footpaths, buildings and other public space to invite greater interaction between people and foster healthier, more social and economically viable communities.

Sydney Metro will help create places that are easy to access, are connected to their surroundings, are comfortable and clean, and that provide social interactions and boundless opportunities.

Supporting and developing local communities

Local communities are the focal point in planning, designing and managing public spaces.

Through urban design principles and place making, Sydney Metro stations will be more than somewhere to catch the train; they will be the centre of the communities through a variety of uses.

Sydney Metro will work closely with communities on how to best integrate station development and deliver stations and buildings that are thriving, welcoming hubs for everyone to enjoy.

Crows Nest Station

Crows Nest Station will provide an opportunity for a modern precinct that services the community’s needs, supported by a world class metro system.

Sydney Metro received planning approval for Crows Nest Station in January 2017, and has since finalised approval for the concept State Significant Development application and Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) associated with the over station development proposal. Sydney Metro lodged its Response to Submissions report responding to comments raised by the community about the original Crows Nest over station development in late 2020.

The Department of Planning, Infrastructure and Environment (DPE) approved the amended concept proposal from Sydney Metro for the buildings above and adjacent to the Crows Nest metro station in December 2020.

The Stage 2 detailed State Significant Development Application (SSDA)  for the Crows Nest Site C over station development was approved by the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment (DPE) in December 2021. A W Edwards, the Crows Nest Station contractor, will deliver the nine-story commercial office building on the corner of Hume Street and Clarke Street at Site C.

Sydney Metro awarded the air rights for the over station development at sites A and B to Thirdi Group in December 2022. This includes a 21-storey commercial office building on the corner of Pacific Highway, Hume Street and Oxley Street, and 17-storey residential building on the corner of Pacific Highway and Hume Street above the station. Thirdi Group will prepare and submit the detailed SSDA prior to starting construction.

When complete, there will be three new buildings above Crows Nest Station.

Victoria Cross

The NSW Government has awarded Lendlease the contract to deliver the new Victoria Cross Station and the building above it, including new retail spaces and improvements to the public domain.

The Victoria Cross integrated station development, made up of the metro station and over station development, will include:

  • two station entrances including a northern entrance opening to Miller and McLaren streets, and a southern entrance with pedestrian access to Miller and Denison streets
  • a commercial building above the station’s southern entrance
  • station concourse and platforms beneath Miller Street
  • sustainable, high-quality commercial and retail hub in the heart of North Sydney
  • enhancement of pedestrian infrastructure around the station, as well as new bike parking at the northern entrance, and new kiss and ride bays on McLaren Street opposite the northern entrance
  • improvements to the public domain.

The NSW Department of Planning and Environment (DPE) has provided final approval for the following plans:

  • a modification to the Concept State Significant Development (SSD) Approval for the over station development
  • a Detailed State Significant Development Application (SSDA) for the detailed design of the over station development
  • the Station Design and Precinct Plan (SDPP) to meet the conditions of the Critical State Significant Infrastructure (CSSI) planning approval.

You can view the Conditions of Approval set out by DPIE at:

Construction on the station began in January 2021.

Waterloo Station

The NSW Government has awarded a contract to a joint venture between John Holland and Mirvac to deliver the new Waterloo Metro Quarter project that will revitalise the area and be a landmark in its own right.

The Waterloo Metro Quarter (WMQ) detailed design comprises two high-rise and two mid-rise buildings above and next to the station, including a basement car park.

The precinct will provide a mix of commercial and residential premises, including affordable and social housing, and student accommodation. There will be new community facilities, retail and office space, landscaping, gardens and a public plaza on Cope Street.

Under the detailed plan and consistent with the approved concept, at least five per cent of homes will be affordable housing and 70 apartments will be set aside for social housing.

In November 2021, the NSW Department of Planning and Environment (DPE) approved the WMQ over station development and the associated State Significant Development Applications (SSDAs). The SSDAs included the detailed design, and a modification to the approved concept for the new WMQ.  

Construction on the station began in October 2020. The WMQ will begin construction in early 2023.

Gadigal Station

The NSW Government has awarded the Pitt Street over station developments to lead developer, Oxford Properties. Oxford has partnered with CPB contractors to deliver the Sydney Metro Pitt Street Station and two new buildings above it, forming a vibrant new commercial and residential hub.

The south building is located near the corner of Pitt and Bathurst streets above the southern entry of Pitt Street Station. The building will include 234 premium rental apartments with extensive dedicated resident amenities and hospitality space.

The Pitt Street north building, a 39-storey premium office building and retail plaza, will be built above the northern entry to Pitt Street Station spanning Park, Pitt and Castlereagh streets. The office building will accommodate about 47,800 square metres of office space and 1,290 square metres of retail.

The NSW Department of Planning and Environment (DPE) approved the Stage 1 Concepts for the Pitt Street over station developments in October 2019.

In February 2021, the State Significant Development Application (SSDA) for the Pitt Street north over station development (Stage 2 detailed design) and a modification to the Stage 1 Concept Approval was approved by DPE. View the Conditions of Approval set out by DPE.

In April 2021, the SSDA for the Pitt Street south over station development (Stage 2 detailed design) and a modification to the Stage 1 Concept Approval was approved by the Independent Planning Commission. View the Conditions of Approval.

Martin Place

The NSW Government has announced planning approval for the development of two new buildings above the future Sydney Metro Martin Place Station. The approval follows a public exhibition and assessment of the project, and is the final planning approval for the integrated station development.

Macquarie Group will deliver the new Sydney Metro Martin Place integrated station development (ISD) and has appointed Lendlease as its design and construction contractor. The ISD will include the new metro station at Martin Place, two new commercial buildings above the station, a retail space, new underground pedestrian connections and improvements to the public domain.

The Martin Place integrated station development features a 39-storey (plus rooftop plant) office building above the northern entrance to the station, and a 28-storey (plus rooftop plant) office building above the southern entrance.

As the new Martin Place Station is built underground, the two new buildings above will be constructed at the same time, creating a new landmark CBD development and a world-class transport hub.

The new Martin Place Station will deliver new metro rail services – with the ultimate capacity for a metro train every two minutes in each direction through the centre of the CBD – and will also directly link the existing Martin Place suburban railway station, which services the T4 Eastern Suburbs and Illawarra Line.

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