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Northwest planning and compliance

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Planning and compliance

Stations, rail infrastructure and systems – planning approval

The North West Rail Link - Stations, Rail Infrastructure & Systems EIS2 assessed impacts for stations, rail infrastructure and systems work. This covered the construction and operation of the railway, including stations and station precincts, rail systems and infrastructure. The EIS2 application was approved by the Minister for Planning and Infrastructure on 8 May 2013.

Sydney Metro Trains Facility – planning approval

The Sydney Metro Trains Facility Environmental Impact Statement (SMTF EIS) assessed impacts for the construction and operation of a train stabling and maintenance facility at Rouse Hill and was approved by the Minister for Planning and Infrastructure on 15 January 2014.

Compliance documentation

Sydney Metro’s compliance with planning approvals is typically produced in the form of management plans, impact statements, monitoring reports and specialist consultant reports.

All Sydney Metro Northwest compliance documentation is accessible from the document library and the contractor website. Sydney Metro Northwest is operated under the Operations, trains and systems contract until May 2034 by the Northwest Rapid Transit (NRT) consortium’s operations and maintenance contractor, Metro Trains Sydney (MTS), visit the MTS website for their Environmental Management documents.

Environmental management

City and Southwest planning and compliance

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