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No timetable

Customers will just turn up and go


Continuous mobile phone coverage through network

Stage 1 Northwest

Now open

Stage 2 City & Southwest

Opens 2024

66 kilometres

New metro rail for Sydney

31 Metro Stations

State-of-the-art, fully accessible

Sydney's new trains

Fast, safe, reliable

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"Fantastic effort! Well done!"

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"Superb work being done by metro and airport team. "

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"Good job Kathleen"

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"Well done Wendy and your crew"

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"I just love archaeology and the stories it tells us of our past."

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"Amazing! Keep up the good work. The Metro is the best thing to happen to Western Sydney in a Very long time!"

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"Great job guys and keep going safe"

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"Yes! We are in Sydney and the Metro is amazing. Worth every penny! Well done Sydney!"