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Four minutes

A train every four minutes in the peak

No timetable

Customers will just turn up and go


Continuous mobile phone coverage through network

Stage 1 Northwest

Opens 2019

Stage 2 City & Southwest

Opens 2024

66 kilometres

New metro rail for Sydney

31 Metro Stations

State-of-the-art, fully accessible

Sydney's new trains

Fast, safe, reliable


New commuter car spaces in Northwest

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"Got along today - thanks to Sydney Metro for giving Sydneysiders the chance to see their new stations up close, before services start. A great idea!"

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"Love the design of the stations and their canopies"

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"A magnificent machine. I hope it's for the new harbour rail tunnel."

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"Great job! Well done! Nice to see the site well organized, clean and safe... it's a pleasure to see work like that!!"

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"Great initiative Sydney Metro!!"

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"It's a great step forward. Well done for taking the effort to transform Sydney's reliance on the car to public transport. It can only be good."

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"It will be one of the greatest railways in Australia"

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"This new train service will be heading our way next year - looking forward to it"

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"Extraordinary Sydney Metro! 👍"

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"Great job for the tunnel boring machine sydney metro"