Our approach to sustainability

Sydney Metro is committed to building and operating a sustainable transport system that delivers on our environment and social responsibilities.
Sustainability at Sydney Metro means:
  • developing effective and appropriate responses to the key challenges of today and tomorrow such as climate resilience, energy security, land use, liveability, employment, diversity and inclusion
  • being environmentally responsible by mitigating or reducing pollution and emissions, demonstrating stewardship towards the natural environment and reducing our ecological footprint, while complying with all applicable environmental laws, regulations and statutory obligations
  • being socially responsible by working towards improving liveability and accessibility in the Greater Sydney region
  • delivering a workforce and skills legacy which benefits individuals, communities, our projects and industry, and is achieved through collaboration and partnerships
Sydney Metro’s approach to sustainability is governed by the Sydney Metro Environment & Sustainability policy, which outlines our approach to:

The Sydney Metro sustainability reports (2017, 2018) provide a detailed account of our approach to sustainability and performance on projects including how environmental and social considerations are embedded in all aspects of our projects and integrated into the design, procurement, delivery and operations processes.

The Sydney Metro City & Southwest Sustainability Strategy details how we are optimising the environmental and social response on the project.

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Workforce development and industry participation

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