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Workforce development and industry participation

Sydney Metro provides a significant opportunity to support jobs and skills for a more diverse and inclusive workforce and supply chain. Using a collaborative approach, Sydney Metro’s Workforce Development and Industry Participation Plan sets out how these priorities will be delivered while addressing key Australian and NSW Government policies and skills challenges.

This commitment aligns with and supports points 9 and 10 in the ‘NSW Government Action Plan: A ten point commitment to the construction sector’ and the NSW Infrastructure Skills Legacy program.

Workforce Development, Aboriginal and Industry Participation project plans

Priorities include:

  • Industry participation – increase opportunities for employment of local people, participation of small and medium enterprises including Recognised Aboriginal Businesses, and support industry to compete in both home and global markets through active participation in client-led programs.
  • Workforce skills development – enable targeted and transferable skills development in areas with local and national skills shortages, support changing job roles and increase skill requirements, and embed transferable skills in the workforce.
  • Diversity and inclusion – establish initiatives to increase diversity within the workforce and supply chain through collaborative partnerships with a key focus on Aboriginal participation.
  • Inspiring future talent and developing capacity – engage young people via education and work experience and support vocational career development through apprenticeships and traineeships.
  • Collaboration – Sydney Metro will continue to collaborate with organisations that have a shared interest in driving skills, diversity, jobs and industry capacity through infrastructure projects.

These priorities are achieved through contractual arrangements and collaborative, client-led programs, strategic advisory groups with government and industry representatives and are complemented by initiatives from our contracting partners.

The following case studies detail the outcomes of some of these initiatives:

Industry Curriculum – Increasing workforce capability by developing transferable skills and competency of individuals. Learn more here.

Sydney Metro Aboriginal Participation case study

Increasing the representation of Aboriginal peoples and businesses on Sydney Metro projects.

Infrastructure Skills Legacy Program

Building a legacy of skills and jobs in communities across the state.

Pre-employment Program

Providing accredited entry level skills and employability training.


Opportunities to build skills, jobs and industry capacity through the Northwest delivery program.

Supply Chain Diversity Initiative

Driving supply chain diversity by increasing Aboriginal businesses and small to medium enterprises.

Video case studies

Hear from our apprentices on site and how they came to work on Australia’s biggest public transport project.

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