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Orchard Hills Stabling and Maintenance Facility

The Stabling and Maintenance Facility is where trains will be controlled, stabled, cleaned and maintained. At the 24-hour Operations Control Centre, expert train controllers will monitor every aspect of the system, including the lifts, escalators and platform screen doors used in the fully-accessible railway.

Feature Description

Location and orientation

The site is located to the south of Blaxland Creek and east of the project alignment. Access will be via Patons Lane.
Main features
  • building and operating a substation to supply power for the running of metro trains
  • establishing a permanent water treatment plant to capture and treat water collected from the stations
  • building a facility that will provide for overnight stabling of Sydney Metro trains and light maintenance activities
  • delivering materials and equipment, including rail steel, track laying machines, power cables and more, to be used for the fit out of the excavated tunnels.


Orchard Hills Station

Luddenham Station

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