Central Station

Central Station is an underground station, about 27 metres below ground level, located within the existing Central Station precinct.

Main station features

The location of the metro platforms at Central will facilitate a critical interchange, fully connecting the station with suburban, intercity and regional rail services, buses, coaches and light rail. The work includes:

  • Excavation and construction of the new underground Sydney Metro platforms at Central beneath platforms 13, 14 and 15
  • Central Walk – a 19-metre wide underground pedestrian concourse from a new entrance on Chalmers Street
  • Escalators directly to suburban platforms 12 to 23 for the first time
  • An upgraded northern concourse with transformed pedestrian thoroughfares and feature roof.

Access and entry

Station access and entry is via:

  • Existing northern station entry from Eddy Avenue and the main northern concourse
  • Existing paid underground pedestrian connections within Central Station
  • Central Walk – a new 19-metre wide pedestrian tunnel with an entrance on Chalmers Street.


The new station will be located within the existing Central Station precinct below intercity rail service platforms 13, 14 and 15.

Indicative travel time (from 2024):

  • 15 minutes to Chatswood Station
  • 4 minutes to Sydney Metro’s Martin Place Station.

Station construction

Construction of the new metro platforms at Central Station requires the area around and under the existing platforms 13, 14 and 15 and between the suburban and country lines to the south. This site incorporates the footprint of the future underground metro platforms. This site is currently part of the Central Station operational area.

Construction activities include:

  • Construction of temporary stairs to the Olympic tunnel from Platforms 20/21 and 22/23
  • Removal of platforms 13, 14 and 15 and excavation for the metro box
  • Adjusting rail systems around platforms, the paid pedestrian connections and Devonshire Street tunnel.

Site access

Pedestrian site access during construction is via Platform 12 at Central Station and authorised construction vehicle access is via Sydney Yard Access Bridge from Regent Street.

Construction started in August 2018.

About Central Walk

Central Walk is a new underground pedestrian concourse at Central Station that will better connect passengers to trains, light rail and the new Sydney Metro underground platforms.

Central Walk includes:

  • A 19-metre wide tunnel from Chalmers Street linking to new Sydney Metro platforms under Central
  • New, easy access points to Sydney Trains platforms 16 to 23
  • Escalators directly to suburban platforms for the first time.

The entry at 20-28 Chalmers Street will provide direct access to Central Station for customers from the Surry Hills catchment area and a direct interchange for passengers from the CBD and South East Light Rail.

Construction is expected to start in 2019.

Construction updates

20190906 - Notification - Central Station to Surry Hills - Power supply investigation
PDF | 302.95 KB
Construction Notification - Central Station - Randle Lane closure
PDF | 459.3 KB
Monthly Update - Central Station - September 2019
PDF | 273.68 KB
Monthly update - Central Station - August 2019
PDF | 272.34 KB
20190726 - Notification - Randle Lane temporary closure
PDF | 450.33 KB

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Central Walk

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