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Chatswood to Sydenham

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Tunnelling under Sydney Harbour

A specialised tunnel boring machine (TBM) designed for the geological conditions under Sydney Harbour excavated twin metro rail tunnels from Barangaroo to Blues Point.

Building the tunnels

TBMs were used to excavate 15.5 kilometres of new twin rail tunnels between Chatswood and Sydenham.

Sydney Metro City & Southwest required five TBMs. Two were launched and removed from the Chatswood and Marrickville dives sites, with the fifth from Barangaroo.

Building the stations

The new underground stations on Stage 2 of Sydney Metro are designed to be as close to the surface as possible to allow customers to get in and out easily. At Crows Nest, Barangaroo, Central and Waterloo the stations have been excavated from the surface in a cut-and-cover construction method. At Victoria Cross, Martin Place and Pitt Street the station caverns have been mined out underground.

Laying the tracks

Track laying in the 15.5km twin tunnels between Chatswood and Sydenham for the Sydney Metro City & Southwest project has been completed.

Construction of the tracks took 18 months and more than 500 workers to complete. More than 40,000 cubic metres of concrete - enough to fill more than 16 Olympic swimming pools – was used to embed about 45,000 sleepers which supported 62 kilometres of Australian steel rails with a combined weight of about 4,000 tonnes.

Project overview

Sydenham to Bankstown

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