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Artarmon substation and power upgrade

About the substation

The Artarmon substation will supply traction power to the metro trains. The site includes an above-ground building for the substation and electrical equipment, and a shaft for the cables and maintenance access to the tunnels below.

Main site features

Construction of the Artarmon substation will involve:

  • removing existing buildings
  • excavating a vertical shaft to the tunnels below
  • lining and reinforcing the shaft
  • building above-ground components
  • installing electrical equipment.


The substation is located on Reserve Road, Artarmon, near the edge of the Gore Hill Freeway.

About the power supply upgrade

As part of Sydney Metro City & Southwest, a new traction power system is required, including new substations and power supply cables. This includes a new high voltage (33kv) power supply cable in the Artarmon industrial area.

Traction power is an electricity network designed to supply train networks. The Sydney Metro network traction power system will be separated and operate independently from the Sydney Trains network.


The new power cable will run from the Ausgrid electrical substation on Campbell Street to the new Artarmon traction substation at Reserve Road.

The cable will run predominantly underneath the roadway, to avoid impacts to properties in the area.

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