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Terms & Conditions

Industry events

  1. Registration is to attend the Industry Briefing only.
  2. Failure to participate in the industry briefing will not impact on the participation in any formal procurement process with Sydney Metro.
  3. Sydney Metro will initiate a separate and independent registration process for any formal procurement process for its projects.
  4. Details of representatives and associated entities who have registered will be kept by Sydney Metro for the purposes of managing the industry engagement program and will be shared with its relevant business units, but will not be released to third parties (subject to the provisions of the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009).
  5. Information provided at the industry briefing is made available to promote industry engagement in relation to Sydney Metro. It is subject to change and accordingly may not be relied upon by participants.
  6. Sydney Metro will deal with any personal information that is collected from attendees or participants as part of their registration for entry (“Personal Information”) in accordance with the Information Protection Principles under the Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1998 (NSW).
  7. Sydney Metro will be recording the event and will make the recording available to participants following the event.
  8. Pursuant to the Surveillance Devices Act 2007, it is prohibited to record a conversation unless all parties provide their consent to the recording. Sydney Metro and the Sydney Metro staff involved in this briefing, do not provide their consent to the recording of this video or phone-conference, or any video or phone-conference to which they are a party.
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