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Metro Minds STEAM Challenge

Sydney Metro believes Sydney’s youth has what it takes to solve real challenges in Australia’s biggest transport project. Metro Minds STEAM Challenge invites students in Year 9 or Year 10 from Sydney’s city and south west area* to work together to come up with an innovative solution to an authentic Sydney Metro challenge or opportunity. In teams of four to six, students will work together to explore real world positions. Each team will produce a:

  • concept brief outlining the team’s design thinking
  • filmed video ‘pitch’ presentation of up to 5 minutes that includes a design or prototype of their innovation
  • design of their innovation in a medium of choice - such as a physical model, computer design or artistic impression.

The best teams will be shortlisted and attend a final event with Sydney Metro. The event will showcase all finalists’ submissions and teams will engage in a panel discussion and Q&A session conducted by Sydney Metro.

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Metro Minds Steam Challenge Winners 2019

2019 Metro Minds STEAM Challenge winners from Cumberland High School, Mason Zhang, Jun Jo, Aditya Agnihotri, Therese Czislowski, Saisriman Tadepalli, Husain Alhashemi and Nihar Kadkol.

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