Metro Minds STEAM Challenge for teachers

Metro Minds STEAM Challenge guidance for teachers

Are your students 21st century thinkers? Would you like to foster their local citizenship, creativity, entrepreneurialism, collaboration, empathy, decision making, authentic connections and innovations! If so, this might be the challenge for you in 2019.

In 2018, Sydney Metro invited Year 9 and 10 STEAM Challenge students to come up with an innovative idea that would help support Sydney Metro’s goal of connecting Sydney. The Challenge was focused on providing an outstanding NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) curriculum-linked learning experience that aligns to the English, Mathematics, Science, Geography, Design and Technology, Industrial Technology, Visual Arts or Commerce syllabuses.

Competition details - what your students need to do

Students in Years 9 to 10 worked in teams of four to six members. They used the design thinking process to create and develop an innovative solution to a real challenge or opportunity that Sydney Metro has faced or may face, as we work on Australia’s biggest transport project.

  • Students based their innovation on an opportunity or challenge from several priority areas including sustainability, construction, new technologies, customer needs and engagements and safety.
  • Team members took on real jobs to innovate, worked through the design thinking process, and pitched their ideas.
  • Teams were asked to submit a short concept brief, video pitch and presentation.
  • Finalists pitched their ideas to a panel of Sydney Metro experts and innovators.

For more information, download the competition brochure and the design thinking process.

Cumberland High School team

Cumberland High School team at the Metro Minds STEAM Challenge finals (left to right): Dylan Lay, Dev Chopra, Naman Ganjekar, Therese Czislowski (teacher), Danial Amin Rahmanlou, Alexander Warnecke


Winning team received:

Team | $1,500
Teacher | $500 
School | $500 towards development of STEAM Challenge projects in school

Finalist teams received:

Finalist team | $600 (per team)
Teacher | $300
School | $300

Competition timeline

The competition has closed and the finalists’ ceremony took place on 9 August 2018. 

Stay tuned for future competition information.

Judging Criteria

For information about the assessment criteria and rubric that the judges used, see judging criteria.

Curriculum links

The Metro Minds STEAM Challenge is an educational competition that focuses on providing NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) curriculum-linked learning experiences. With a strong focus on project-based learning linked to an authentic context, our STEAM Challenge has direct links to STEAM learning areas across the curriculum and to the cross curriculum priorities and general capabilities. For more information, see Metro Minds STEAM Challenge curriculum links.

Coordinating teacher

Each school nominated a coordinating teacher who was responsible for the following:

  • registering your school and participants
  • checking email communications throughout the competition
  • distributing teacher and student resource packs
  • coordinating contact between your students and your school’s Metro Ambassador
  • keeping track of student progress
  • overseeing student final submissions.

School resource pack

Each coordinating teacher received a resource support pack containing:

  • a welcome letter
  • a guide with instructions and information to support students
  • information on Sydney Metro.

Metro Minds ambassadors

Sydney Metro supported each participating school throughout the Metro Minds STEAM Challenge. Schools were assigned a Metro Minds ambassador to give students insights, guidance and feedback throughout their design thinking process.

Environmental coordinator, Sydney Metro delivery officer and Metro Minds ambassador Georgina Luck at Blacktown Girls High School

Environmental coordinator, Sydney Metro delivery officer and Metro Minds ambassador Georgina Luck at Blacktown Girls High School

Competition resources

Sydney Metro has a large range of downloadable resources that assist participants on their Metro Minds STEAM Challenge journey. For more information go to our Sydney Metro school competitions page. 

Metro Minds Challenge 'how to' guide

The competition brochure is a helpful guide with instructions and hints to support participants at each stage of the competition journey.

What is 'design thinking'?

Sydney Metro has created an easy-to-use document that explains each stage of the design thinking process, with helpful hints and examples.

Competition terms and conditions

For a full list, see the terms and conditions.

2018 finalists and winner

Congratulations to the 2018 Metro Minds finalists and winner

Northern Beaches Secondary College - Manly Campus (Winner)
Students: Alex Yuen, Daniel Duncan, Harry Ross, Ryan Lynch, Joshua Hort, Alex Todd
Competition entry: Additional seating without reducing standing room

Cumberland High School
Students: Alexander Warnecke, Dylan Lay, Naman Ganjekar, Dev Chopra, Danial Amin Rahmanlou
Competition entry: Streamlining tunnel builds with additional modular pre-cast concrete

Northholm Grammar School
Students: Raymond Huynh, Ling Chi Ambrose Hon, Elyssa Freame, Liam Hogarth, Joseph Clemmit
Competition entry: Metro messenger app

Cumberland High School
Students: Adwithiya Puri, Ronald Leung, Isaac Wu
Competition entry: Plastic infused, water repellent concrete

Barker College
Students: Jamie Holdsworth, Saxon Inglis, Jesse Tong, Max Zhao
Competition entry: Harnessing the kinetic energy from train wheel motion

LaSalle Catholic College Bankstown
Students: Vivian Phan , Daniella Carini, Natalie Lawani, Harriet Owusu, Stanley Ma, Isabella Silvera
Competition entry: Metro sticker


Sydney Metro 2018 finalists, school co-ordinating teachers, ambassadors and judges at the 2018 finals event

Sydney Metro 2018 finalists, school co-ordinating teachers, ambassadors and judges at the 2018 finals event


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