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Test your knowledge with fun and interesting facts about the Sydney Metro project.


46 new state of the art, fully accessible metro stations

History under Sydney Harbour

The first of two metro railway tunnels deep under Sydney Harbour has been completed in an historic milestone for public transport in Sydney.

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Tunnel length

2.8 km Sydney Harbour Tunnel

9 km North Connex

31 km New Sydney Metro tunnels

Australia’s longest railway tunnels

How many doors will open when train stops at the station


36 doors will open when the train stops

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Travel Calculator

The travel calculator calculates the number of minutes for a journey during stage 1 and stage 2 of the Sydney Metro development. Select a stage and search for a start and end location to find out how many minutes it will take below. The number of minutes is displayed below.



Hours worked to date: August 2021

Sydney Metro: Barangaroo boat discovery

The oldest boat found in NSW has been uncovered at Barangaroo, where a new Sydney Metro station is being built.

Sydney Metro City & Southwest tunnels


15.5km of twin tunnels are being constructed from Chatswood to Sydenham


379,000 tonnes of concrete will be made to produce almost 100,000 segments that will line the twin rail tunnels


Almost 100,000 concrete segments will be made into almost 16,500 concrete rings

Waterloo Station Artefacts Community Day
Work at Waterloo Station gives a glimpse of life in Sydney in the 1800’s.
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Almost 6 million tonnes of crushed rock is estimated to be generated for re-use from the Sydney Metro City & Southwest project.