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About FastTracking the Future

FastTracking the Future is a school education program that provides syllabus aligned experiences for K–10 students. It aims to support students along the Sydney Metro alignment to become successful learners, confident and creative individuals, and active and informed citizens. We do this by providing teacher-developed learning activities that link to the Sydney Metro project; its purpose, construction and environmental and social context.

Since it was launched in March 2014, the FastTracking the Future program has included award winning teaching resources, school holiday activities, virtual lessons, incursions, excursions, school competitions, career mentoring and teacher professional development reaching more than 21,300 students.

The teaching resources are designed by teachers to make it as easy as possible to build them into new or existing programs. More than 130 lessons were made available to teachers in Sydney’s North West region.

Additional resources for teachers were developed in 2018–19. Sydney Metro partnered with Western Sydney University to design and deliver a professional development program focused on inquiry-based learning strategies and issues relevant to Sydney Metro in their communities. These units were developed by teachers, trialled and peer-reviewed and are an example of best pedagogical practice, linked to the Australian and NESA syllabuses.

A total of 34 teachers from 12 schools completed the program and 15 teaching units were created and more than 900 students have benefited from these lessons. The free resources are available to all teachers via the NSW Department of Education and can also be found in resources for teachers.

An evaluation report on the professional development program was prepared by Western Sydney University.

For more information visit FastTracking the Future.

Schools that have used our program

Since its release in March 2014, teachers have used resources from FastTracking the Future resources to support stage-based programming, lesson planning and classroom teaching and learning in schools across the Sydney region. A list of schools that have been involved in our program if available for reference.

What people are saying

“Thank you for an amazing presentation! The feedback I received from my colleagues was overwhelmingly positive. Everybody was so impressed with how well you aligned your talk to our needs and the science outcomes. Particular reference was made to your excellent engaging manner with the students. I can't speak highly enough about you, your team, the resources and the program." – Year 6 Teacher, Matthew Pearce Public School.

Behind the fence

Schools that have used our program

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