FastTracking the Future program

About the FastTracking the Future program

As Australia’s biggest public transport project, Sydney Metro provides primary and secondary school students with a unique and unprecedented case study on how a 21st century rail system is planned, designed and built.

FastTracking the Future is an education program that is focused on providing learning experiences for students about the Sydney Metro project; its purpose, construction and environmental and social context.

Curriculum resources for primary and secondary students were produced by Sydney Metro in consultation with practising teachers, curriculum specialists and independent reviewers who advised on the design and development.

In addition to more than 130 ready to teach syllabus based lessons for K-10, Sydney Metro’s FastTracking the Future program includes school presentations, excursions and a school holiday program.

Primary K - 6

The teaching resources are designed by teachers to make it easy as possible to build them into new or existing programs. Each unit of work and lesson has some connection to the existing syllabus and learning activities support units of work for Primary students such as, “Places We Know”, “Transport”, “Past Present and Future”, “Local Journeys” and include the following key learning areas:

Science, mathematics, history, english, geography, creative arts


"Thank you again for coming and meeting with us. I know my students have been asking countless more questions and I spoke to many parents who had an excited conversation over dinner time. This is a great project you have running and I will definitely pass on to other stages, as well as other teaching friends." - Year 5 Classroom Teacher

Secondary 7 - 10

Secondary teachers are encouraged to select and adapt topic materials to complement and support their teaching programs. The resource is organised around three topics which provide teachers and students with materials to investigate strands in Sydney Metro Northwest’s story, the geography of the local area, the history and character of the region over time and the rail link as a technological innovation. Key learning areas for Secondary students include:

Schools that have used our program

Since its release in March 2014, teachers have used resources from FastTracking the Future resources to support stage-based programming, lesson planning and classroom teaching and learning in schools across the Sydney region. A list of schools that have been involved in our program can be found here.

“Thank you for an amazing presentation! The feedback I received from my colleagues was overwhelmingly positive. Everybody was so impressed with how well you aligned your talk to our needs and the science outcomes. Particular reference was made to your excellent engaging manner with the students. I can't speak highly enough about you, your team, the resources and the program." – Year 6 Teacher, Matthew Pearce Public School.

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School holiday program

The school holiday program is designed for primary school-aged students to participate with their relatives and friends and each hands-on activity has been planned in accordance with the K-6 NSW syllabus.

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