Designing Sydney Metro's new stations


Maximising the use of natural light, level access between trains and platforms - our new stations put customers at the centre of their designs.

The latest Sydney Metro station designs have been revealed. From maximising the use of natural light to level access between trains and platforms, Sydney Metro’s new stations put customers at the centre of their designs to making the journey easy for customers.

“The station design is defined by order, simplicity and resilience. Most importantly, this translates to the customer experience being easy, accessible, pleasant and connected,” chief designer Ross de la Motte says.

The stations have been designed to have low energy requirements, with features such as natural ventilation and daylight with coloured light pieces to brighten station interiors. Technology including digital wayfinding, video help points and real-time journey updates will provide customers with travel information.

All Sydney Metro include platform screen doors. These Australian-first glass safety barriers keep people and objects like prams away from the tracks and allow trains to get in and out of stations much faster.

Latest metro station designs revealed

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