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Health and Safety at Sydney Metro

Our health and safety model

The health and safety model was developed from a review of strategic plans from regulators such as SafeWork NSW and the Office of National Rail Safety Regulator, successful initiatives across Sydney Metro, a review of best-practice health and safety performance across industry, learning from the results of risk-based systems, and applied research.

There are three priority areas in our model: leadership, health and safety. Strong leadership is the foundation of positive health and safety performance as well as health being treated as equally as safety at Sydney Metro

Sydney Metro engages with our delivery partners, operators, and other key stakeholders to manage our health and safety. We support every person at Sydney Metro to be a leader in health and safety.

View our health and safety model.

Our health and safety principles

Safety leadership is a key part of our governance framework where leaders understand their role and their accountabilities. We consider strong health and safety performance as more than complying with health and safety legislation. Our health and safety principles include:

  • strong direction and governance
  • systematic application of health and safety
  • engagement, collaboration and consultation
  • evidence based decision making.

Delivery partner expectations

Sydney Metro's activities rely on contracting companies of various sizes to conduct a wide variety of works, the majority of which are carried out in and around high-risk environments. Sydney Metro aims to improve health and safety outcomes by driving best practice, innovation and improved planning. Our decision making is focused on positively influencing the industry through strong leadership.

Sydney Metro has key expectations for delivery partners, operators, and other stakeholders:

  • strong and visible leaderships
  • equal focus to manage health as well as safety risks, "health" is managed like "safety"
  • open and transparent communication and behaviour
  • a commitment to share information openly
  • the application of evidence-based decision making in the management of health and safety.
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