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Virtual check-ins

Metro Minds Virtual Check-ins will offer teams and coordinating teachers the opportunity to participate in webinars with Sydney Metro appointed ambassadors.

The check-in sessions are intended to provide teams and coordinating teachers with support and feedback on design ideas, help teams track their progress and answer team’s questions. Participation is optional and the sessions will be recorded so that teams can access information afterwards.

Coordinating teachers will receive an email invitation to virtual check-ins when they register for the competition here or contact us at


11 April 2024 - Student: Pre-challenge webinar

Session time: 20 minutes

Time: To be advised

  • Ideal for students new to the challenge
  • About Sydney Metro
  • Using the design-thinking process
  • Building teams and gathering ideas

9 May 2024 - Student: virtual check-in #1

Session time: 45 minutes

Time: To be advised

  • Defining your problem statement
  • Exploring the Challenges
  • Student Q&A session with Metro Minds ambassadors

16 May 2024 - Teacher: Community of practice webinar

Session time: 45 minutes

Time: To be advised

  • Review Challenge progress
  • Feedback from student virtual check-in #1
  • Teacher Q&A

23 May 2024 - Student: virtual check- in #2

Session time: 45 minutes

Time: To be advised

  • Prototype and testing
  • Finalising your brief
  • Tips for your Ambassador and video pitches
  • Student Q&A


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