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Sydney Metro – Western Sydney Airport reaching new heights


Luddenham Station viaduct Luddenham Station viaduct
Luddenham Luddenham
Luddenham Station viaduct Luddenham Station viaduct
Luddenham Station viaduct Luddenham Station viaduct

Construction on the 3.5-kilometres of elevated viaduct for the 23-kilometre Western Sydney Airport metro line is taking shape with nearly one kilometre of viaduct now constructed.

The foundation for a new sky-high metro station at Luddenham is also complete and ready for work on the station build to commence next month.

Luddenham Station is one of six new stations for the metro railway line that will become a crucial connection for people visiting the new international airport. 

Situated up to 13.5 metres above ground, Luddenham Station will be the only station located on a viaduct.  

Three viaduct structures make up the combined 3.5-kilometre section of the alignment that will take metro services over key locations like Blaxland Creek, the Warragamba pipelines and Luddenham Road.  

More than 1,100 segments will be manufactured on the NSW Central Coast for the viaduct structures, which will be supported by 84 piers located every 28 to 40 metres.

Work will commence on the Luddenham Station build next month with a concrete pour to form the station.

When complete, Luddenham Station will deliver a rail service to the future research, innovation and commercial precinct in Luddenham and provide world-class travel for people in an area with limited public transport options.


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