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A solid start: Waterloo Station getting ready to rise


The biggest concrete pour at our Waterloo Station project site has taken place with a total of 2,650 tonnes of concrete, the equivalent weight of five fully loaded A380 planes, or 688 elephants, poured over a 13-hour period to form a huge concrete slab.

Packed with 200 tonnes of steel reinforcement, the concrete slab will help support the weight of a nine-storey building that will rise above the southern end of the future station.

In addition to being a key structural element, the slab will also be utilised as floor space for a room that will house critical electrical equipment required for Sydney Metro to operate.

John Holland and Mirvac will begin construction on the over-station development next year. The vibrant new Waterloo Metro Quarter will include commercial office space, retail, residential, social and affordable housing, and student accommodation.

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