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Meet our Customer Journey Coordinators - Trains


A women in bright colored PPE testing the train in the operating room A women in bright colored PPE testing the train in the operating room

They are responsible for enhancing passenger journeys but also play a vital role in preparing the new Sydney Metro City & Southwest for opening in 2024.

As part of the rigorous testing and commissioning program currently underway deep below the city, our Customer Journey Coordinators – Trains manually operate the new trains through an extensive list of checks to ensure they are ready for passenger services.

A total of 14 Customer Journey Coordinators – Trains, out of the 31 currently working on the Metro North West Line, are supporting testing and commissioning activities in the new city section between Chatswood and Sydenham.

Once testing and commissioning is complete, the Customer Journey Coordinators involved in the testing program resume their primary role, which involves assisting passengers on the Metro North West Line.

A typical day for a Customer Journey Coordinator may include assisting passengers with onboard passenger services, walking through metro trains during travel to address any issues and providing support to station staff.

A Customer Journey Coordinator – Trains is skilled in operating a metro train should there be an instance where a train needs to be manually controlled in order to move it to the nearest safe location.

To become a qualified Customer Journey Coordinator – Trains involves first becoming a Customer Journey Coordinator – Stations. This is then followed by an intensive program of theory and practical training.

Think you’ve got what it takes to join our customer service and operations team? Sydney Metro operator Metro Trains Sydney is currently recruiting for various positions, search “Metro Trains Sydney” on  

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