Martin Place metro station update


Major excavation is nearing completion at Martin Place to deliver the new underground metro station and the integrated station development above it.

More than 151,000 tonnes of crushed rock– enough to fill 25 Olympic swimming pools – has been removed from the Martin Place North site since excavation started almost a year ago.

Under 50 Martin Place, 51 anchors have been installed to secure the sandstone under the historic building’s footings.

This work will prepare the site for the over station development – a 39-storey building above the northern entrance to the station.

Within the northern pedestrian link tunnel, also under 50 Martin Place, canopy tubes have been installed to support the structure in preparation for when the new walkway is tunnelled.

The underground connection will provide customers direct access to metro services when the City & Southwest line opens in 2024.

Macquarie Group is delivering the new Sydney Metro Martin Place integrated station development and has appointed Lendlease as its design and construction contractor.

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