First look inside Chatswood Dive


The construction of Sydney Metro’s Chatswood Dive structure is taking shape.

The dive structure includes a ramp and associated infrastructure that will connect the Metro North West Line to the new metro railway tunnels at Chatswood. A large facility on top of the dive structure will house the mechanical, safety and electrical equipment required to service the twin metro tunnels.

The dive is being built adjacent to an active railway corridor – Sydney Trains' T1 North Shore Line between Chatswood and Artarmon stations was realigned to make room for the two new metro tracks.

The dive structure is 25 metres deep, 250 metres long and 32 metres wide. About 143,000 tonnes of crushed rock was excavated during construction, enough to fill 22 Olympic swimming pools.

Tunnel builder John Holland CPB Ghella has handed over the dive site to our line-wide contractors Systems Connect, which will build the remainder of the dive ramp, fit out the services building and install the metro tracks and other infrastructure to turn the tunnels into an operating railway.

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