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First city metro platforms taking shape


Waterloo Platforms Western Precast Waterloo Platforms Western Precast
Precast concrete section lifted into Waterloo Station box Precast concrete section lifted into Waterloo Station box
Waterloo platforms Waterloo platforms
Construction at Waterloo Station Construction at Waterloo Station

The first underground metro rail platforms through the city are coming to life.

At Waterloo, the platforms are nearly finished after seven months of construction involving more than 880 workers.

Construction of the new 170-metre-long platforms at Waterloo Station has included:

  • 1100 tonnes of concrete poured into specially designed moulds which are assembled to form the platforms,;
  • 93 of 165 precast concrete sections lifted into place, delivered from factories in Western Sydney;
  • Each concrete section of the platforms weighs up to 7 tonnes;
  • A 45 metre tall tower crane has lifted the segments into the station ‘box’ 25 metres below the surface.

More than 5,000 people are currently working on the City & Southwest project and, by the time it opens, more than 50,000 will have worked on it.

When Sydney Metro services start through Waterloo in 2024, it will take customers 2 minutes to get to Central, 6 minutes to Martin Place and 8 minutes to Barangaroo. 

Sydney Metro is being extended from the end of the Metro North West Line at Chatswood, under Sydney Harbour, through the CBD and south west to Bankstown.

In 2024, Sydney will have a 66 kilometre standalone driverless metro line.

New metro stations are being built at Crows Nest, Victoria Cross, Barangaroo, Martin Place, Pitt Street, Waterloo and new underground metro platforms at Central Station.

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