Entire skytrain deck locked into place


Sydney Metro Skytrain final span.

The entire deck of Sydney Metro’s 4km elevated skytrain is now locked in place high in the air between Bella Vista and Rouse Hill, with the last massive concrete segment lifted and fixed into position.

The skytrain sits an average 9m in the air alongside Windsor Road and Old Windsor Road, with new metro trains to run on it every four minutes in the peak.

As part of the skytrain construction process:

  • 1,128 massive concrete segments were lifted an average 9m into the air to form the skytrain deck;
  • Each segment weighed between 56 tonnes and 147 tonnes;
  • 80,000 tonnes of concrete was used for the skytrain deck – that’s the equivalent of 81 Olympic swimming pools of concrete;
  • The segments were tensioned tight internally with about 1,400km of steel cables.

Two huge white 600 tonne horizontal cranes did the heavy lifting, and they will now be dismantled.

The skytrain deck sits on 120 concrete piers.

More than 4,600 people have worked on the skytrain.

Work continues on the new 270m long railway bridge over Windsor Road at Rouse Hill at the end of the skytrain, which will take new metro services to the new Cudgegong Road station.

The bridge’s two towers are in place, 45m above Windsor Road, and 32 steel cables will soon be installed to support the bridge deck.

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