Elizabeth arrives


Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) 1 Elizabeth has reached a new milestone with her historic breakthrough at Norwest on 21 January 2015.

Since her launch at Bella Vista in September 2014, TBM1 Elizabeth has excavated more than 206,000 tonnes of crushed rock, installed more than 7,300 concrete segments to line the new rail tunnel, and travelled 2.1km to emerge in the future Norwest Station area.

As expected, the harsh forces of cutting Sydney sandstone and shale took their toll during her journey, with 40 hardened steel cutters on Elizabeth's cutter head replaced due to the constant wear and tear.

Over the coming weeks, TBM1 Elizabeth will move through the Norwest Station area, before heading towards her next destination - Showground Station.

Meanwhile, the other three machines - Florence, Isabelle and Maria - are continuing their work digging Australia's longest railway tunnels.

There's a new lady in Sydney, her name is Maria!

TBM2 Florence breaks through

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