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Cutting Edge Inquiry Program for Teachers


Sydney Metro’s education program FastTracking the Future continues to make positive impact on teachers, students from Kindergarten to Year 10 and schools near the Sydney Metro railway alignment.

Western Sydney University’s Centre for Education Research has published its second report on Sydney Metro’s professional learning program for teachers. 

More than 67 teachers from 24 schools near Sydney Metro’s rail alignment undertook profession learning on inquiry-based learning with Sydney Metro in partnership with Western Sydney University in 2021 and 2022.  

Professor Catherine Attard from Western Sydney University said the aim of the professional learning program is to develop the capacity of primary and secondary teachers to develop and deliver learning experiences using an inquiry-based approach. 

“The purpose of using the Sydney Metro infrastructure project was to provide a real-life context for teachers and students to use a project in their own backyard as a basis of a unit of work. The research investigates the impact on student engagement from the collaboration of teachers, Western Sydney University and Sydney Metro.”  

"The scale of the Sydney Metro project means that every curriculum area is represented, and students have direct experience of the transformation that infrastructure projects bring to their local communities.” Said Professor Attard. 

The research reported high levels of student interest and engagement, which demonstrated the positive impact inquiry-based learning and authentic context had on teaching and learning.  

Students from primary to high school were overwhelmingly positive of the experience and appreciated the opportunity to engage with industry experts. Students reported that they were able to grow important transferable skills such as collaboration, communication, and technological proficiency.  

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