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Crows Nest Station construction contract signed


An artist's impression of commuters walking around inside the Crows Nest Station Concourse. Escalators can be seen in the background. An artist's impression of commuters walking around inside the Crows Nest Station Concourse. Escalators can be seen in the background.

A $370 million contract has been awarded to build Sydney Metro’s new Crows Nest Station.

Construction company AW Edwards will deliver the station, which will include two entrances, footpaths, lighting, retail space, improvements to pedestrian and cyclist safety around the site and enabling works for future over station developments.

Crows Nest Station will be the first stop for metro services leaving Chatswood and headed towards the Sydney CBD when Sydney Metro is extended from the North West in 2024.

The station will provide new metro rail access to the Crows Nest residential area, local schools and businesses and serve people within walking and cycling distance.

It will also create a new transport focus on the southern side of the St Leonards specialised centre which supports the St Leonards southern gateway to commercial and mixed-use activities.

The project will support hundreds of new jobs, with more than 300 workers on site during peak phases of construction activity.

Construction of the station will start in January 2021 and is due to be completed in 2023.

The Crows Nest Station contract includes:

  • The construction and fit out of the station, including two station entrances with one located on Pacific Highway between Oxley Street and Hume Street and one located on Clarke Street near the corner of Hume Street
  • lifts and escalators to the new underground platforms
  • retail space next to the Clarke Street station entry, and future retail opportunities at ground level along the Pacific Highway
  • public domain works including footpaths, street tree planting, lighting and street furniture
  • new pedestrian lights to cross the Pacific Highway on the northern side of Oxley Street intersection
  • new pedestrian crossings on Clarke and Hume Streets
  • new bike parking on Hume Street, Pacific Highway, Clarke Street and Oxley Street
  • new kiss and ride and taxi bays in close proximity to the station
  • installation of wayfinding and Sydney Metro information signage
  • Hume Street bi-directional separated cycle link from Clarke Street to Nicholson Street
  • upgraded Hume Street intersection with cycle crossing and increased pedestrian capacity.

A delivery partner for the future over station developments above Crows Nest Station will be selected via a separate tender process. 

Consistent with the NSW Government’s commitment to community engagement, the station and over station development packages have been separated. This has enabled the station tender process to proceed (for a station opening in 2024) while the NSW Government further considered community feedback regarding the developments above the station.

This has also allowed the over station developments to be further incorporated into an integrated planning outcome, consistent with the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment’s recently released St Leonards and Crows Nest 2036 Plan.

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Crows Nest Station box construction

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