Bella Vista takes shape


Seven girders, which weigh up to 56 tonnes each have been moved into place at Bella Vista station.

The biggest concrete beams that will be used on Sydney’s new metro railway stations have been installed in a precision operation.

The seven girders, which weigh up to 56 tonnes each, have been moved into place at Bella Vista station. They were made in Newcastle and transport to Sydney’s North West. Each girder is almost 18 metres long and more than 3 metres tall.

The precast concrete structure of the new platform at Bella Vista is also largely in place and being joined up with further concrete.

The station, with platforms 10 metres below the surface, is being built from the bottom up. The girders support the station’s mezzanine level, which sits between the platform and street levels and houses equipment rooms.

Bella Vista Station will be open to the sky and is at the start of Australia’s longest railway tunnels—twin 15 kilometres tunnels from Bella Vista to Epping. Bella Vista will have 800 commuter car spaces.

Services start in the first half of 2019 with a new metro train every four minutes in the peak.

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