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$1.376 billion line-wide contract awarded


Sydney Metro first tunnel track Sydney Metro first tunnel track

A $1.376 billion contract has been awarded to help deliver the new world-class Sydney Metro, expanding the city’s new metro railway into the CBD and beyond to Bankstown.

With work already underway to deliver the new twin metro tunnels between Chatswood and Sydenham, this contract turns the tunnels into a working railway. 

The $1.376 billion line-wide contract was awarded to Systems Connect (as an unincorporated joint venture between CPB Contractors and UGL) and includes:

  • 31 kilometres of underground railway track to be laid in the twin railway tunnels from Chatswood to Sydenham;
  • 31 kilometres of overhead power equipment and 11 new substations to power the metro from Chatswood to Bankstown;
  • Installation of over 350km of high voltage, low voltage and tunnel service cabling
  • Connecting the railway tracks from the end of Sydney Metro at Chatswood to the new tracks  into the city;
  • The expansion of the Sydney Metro Trains Facility at Rouse Hill to accommodate 37 new trains for Sydney Metro City & Southwest;
  • The construction of the Sydney Metro Trains Facility - South at Marrickville;
  • Installation of tunnel equipment such as ventilation, drainage and emergency evacuation and monitoring equipment as well as the fit out of the tunnel ventilation and high voltage equipment in the seven new underground stations.

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