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11 million customer journeys on North West


Rouse Hill Station Rouse Hill Station

More than 11 million customer journeys have been made on the Metro North West Line, with Sydney’s new driverless trains travelling over 1.7 million kilometres – or 42 times around the equator.

In its first five months of operations, the new metro has ramped up to meet key milestones and is now carrying more than 75,000 people each weekday.

The latest operating data shows:

  • More than 11 million customers have been carried since the North West Metro opened on 26 May;
  • More than 48,000 train services have been delivered;
  • In September and October, 99 per cent of train services were delivered;
  • 97.4 per cent of services in October met the required frequency of four minutes in the peak and 10 minutes in the off peak; and
  • 94 per cent of services in October achieved the travel time of less than 38 minutes between Tallawong and Chatswood.

Performance has been improving on a month-to-month basis as the railway is integrated with the community and Sydney’s wider public transport system.

Like all new railways around the world, there has been a period of bedding in and Sydney Metro apologises to customers for the very small number of issues that have occurred.

Sydney Metro has worked quickly with the operator, Metro Trains Sydney, to learn from these issues and adjust processes to improve customer service.

The operations contract sets out clear benchmarks for train availability, service levels and travel times to ensure high quality operations for customers. The operator faces financial abatements for failing to meet these contractual benchmarks.

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