Isabelle reaches her first milestone


Tunnel boring machine (TBM) 3 Isabelle was launched from Cherrybrook and in late March 2015, after 2 kilometre of digging, Isabelle reached a new milestone to become the first TBM to dig to a depth of 58 metres, the lowest point of Australia's longest twin railway tunnels. Not only was Isabelle first to reach the deepest point in the alignment but also managed to dig a massive 63.09 metres in one day. After moving through the deepest part of the tunnel alignment which is below Thompson's Corner, at West Pennant Hills, with less than 3.5 kilometres to go TBM3 Isabelle continues to remain ahead of TBM4 Maria, as they both continue their 6 kilometre journey towards Epping. Check out Sydney's deepest celebration as Australia's longest railway tunnels reached their deepest point – 58 metres beneath Thompson's Corner at West Pennant Hills.


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