Behind the fence: look into the future


Stage one of Sydney Metro, Northwest project cost


31 new state of the art, fully accessible metro stations

How many doors will open when train stops at the station


36 doors will open when the train stops

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Tunnel length

2.8 km Sydney Harbour Tunnel

9 km North Connex

31 km New Sydney Metro tunnels

Australia’s longest railway tunnels
Inside a train carriage

Sydney's new train

Sydney’s new 21st century train will operate exclusively on the Sydney Metro Northwest.

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How long is the skytrain (km)?

The skytrain is 4 kilometres long

How many piers?

The skytrain has 130 peirs, spaced 39 metres apart

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Hours worked to date: November 2016

Travel Calculator

The travel calculator calculates the number of minutes for a journey during stage 1 and stage 2 of the Sydney Metro development. Select a stage and search for a start and end location to find out how many minutes it will take below. The number of minutes is displayed below.


Historical finds: White Hart Inn

Heritage work for the skytrain section of Sydney Metro Northwest uncovered the ruins of an early 19th-century Sydney inn.

Sydney Metro Northwest tunnels


15 km Twin tunnels from Bella Vista to Epping


3600 tonnes of concrete made 100,000 segments that line the twin rail tunnels


100,000 concrete segments made 16,000 concrete rings

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"Thank you for the opportunity to walk through the tunnel last weekend. It was just fantastic! To see it up close was just awesome. We now can't wait for it to open, as local residents, we won't know ourselves with this fantastic new transport system 😄"

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"Come take a look behind the green fence and check out construction progress at Norwest Station."

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"Bring it on! Great news!"

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"Cheers and congratulations to all the workers involved in this job."

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"Thank you for the update, we are looking forward to our new station at Rouse Hill Town Centre."

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"MASCOT: Westbound on Qantas Dr Airport Dr has returned to normal heading to the International Terminal at #SydneyAirport."

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"ARNCLIFFE: Eastbound traffic on Marsh St from M5 East to the International Terminal at #SydneyAirport has returned to normal."

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"ARNCLIFFE: Citybound traffic through the M5 East tunnel to Marsh Street off ramp has eased and returned to normal."

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"Shuttle buses running to the @scg today from Central for Australia vs Pakistan Plan your trip here:"

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"RT @T2SydneyTrains: #InnerWestLine 10:21 Homebush to Central service delayed up to 10mins due to an operational issue earlier."


4.4 million tonnes of crushed rock generated from tunneling on Sydney Metro Northwest was reused

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