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No Timetable

Four minutes

A train every four minutes in the peak

No timetable

No timetable

Customers will just turn up and go


Continuous mobile phone coverage through network

Stage 1 Northwest

Opens 2019

Stage 2 City & Southwest

Opens 2024


65 kilometres

New metro rail for Sydney

31 Metro Stations

State-of-the-art, fully accessible


Sydney's new trains

Fast, safe, reliable


New commuter car spaces in Northwest

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"Nice station at rouse hill"

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"Will the metro trains at Sydenham station utilise existing above ground platforms or will it be positioned underground at this location ?"

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"I was just wondering, where will the metro trains be housed when not in use ??"

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"Will these new Sydney Metro trains roll out across all sydney or just in particular areas?"

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"Check out this video of construction of the Sydney Metro Skytrain at Kellyville. It's passed a major milestone, crossing over its first road at Memorial Avenue http://www.rousehillcourier.com.au/story/3779231/video-skytrain-crosses-memorial-avenue/?cs=1502"