STEAM Challenge terms and conditions

1. Acceptance of Terms and Conditions

Entry into this competition constitutes acceptance of these terms and conditions. Entries must comply with these terms and conditions to be valid. Information on how to enter and prize details form part of these terms and conditions. If there is any conflict between these terms and conditions and any other published materials, these terms and conditions will prevail. This competition is governed by the laws of NSW.

2. Definitions:

a) Competition Material: All material submitted as part of the Online Entry, including a concept brief of no more than 500 words in length and a filmed pitch presentation of up to 5 minute’s duration, as further described in the conditions of entry. Teams will also need to showcase a prototype that demonstrates their proposed solution to a Sydney Metro opportunity or challenge during their filmed video pitch presentation.
b)  Competition Period: The registration period opens at 8:00am on 5 March 2018. Competition Material must be received by Transport for NSW (TfNSW) by no later than 11:59pm AEST on 22 June 2018.
c)  Coordinating Teacher:  The Entrant’s school must appoint a teacher to coordinate and manage teams, parental permission, registrations, submissions, facilitate Finalists participating in the finals event and all other challenge related matters, as the point of contact between TfNSW and Entrants.
d) Entrant: Teams that have satisfied the Conditions of Entry, set out in these terms and conditions.
e) Finalists: The best four (4) valid entries (as determined by the judges in their sole discretion and based on the judging criteria) will each be deemed a Finalist.
f) Judging Criteria: The criteria for judging and determining the Prize Winner, as set out in the judging criteria at
g) Permitted Purpose: any purpose related to the functions of TfNSW including but not limited to any promotional or educational purposes.
h) Prizes: Prize Winner will receive vouchers to the value of $AU1,500 per team. The Coordinating Teacher will receive a voucher to the value of $AU500. The school of the Prize Winner will receive a voucher to the value of $AU500 for STEAM resources. Finalists will receive vouchers to the value of $AU600 per team. The Finalist Coordinating Teacher will receive a voucher to the value of $AU300. The school of the finalists will receive a voucher to the value of $AU300 for STEAM resources. Total prizes are valued at $AU6,100.
i) Prize Winner: the Team that is awarded first place.
j) Sydney Metropolitan Area: The boundaries of the Sydney Metropolitan Area are defined as the Hawkesbury/Nepean River in the north/north west, and then the outer boundaries of the City of Penrith, Camden Council, the City of Campbelltown and Sutherland Shire.

3. “Teams: Except for home-schooled students, a Team must comprise at least four (4) and up to six (6) students in Years 9 or 10 from the same school, located in the Sydney Metropolitan Area.

For home-schooled students, a Team can be formed by at least four (4) and up to six (6) students in Years 9 or 10 who reside together or separately in the Sydney Metropolitan Area.”
a) TfNSW: Transport for NSW (ABN 18 804 239 602), Level 6, 18 Lee Street, Chippendale, 2080. TfNSW is the promotor of this promotion. At its discretion, TfNSW may utilise agents or third parties to assist it in managing and administering this promotion.

4. Conditions of Entry

a) Entry is open to Teams who meet the requirements set out in these terms and conditions and who submit an entry in accordance with these terms and conditions.
b) All Team members must obtain permission from a parent or legal guardian before entering.  A school’s Coordinating Teacher will be responsible for obtaining and confirming permission from a parent or legal guardian.
c) Registration and entry is online only.  
i. ONLINE REGISTRATION: Visit Entrants must, by the stipulated registration closing date 19 May 2018, ensure the coordinating teacher has completed and uploaded via the competition website’s registration form, the full name of one (1) teacher from their secondary school (or their home educator if home schooled) and his/her contact details, the name of their secondary school (if applicable).ONLINE ENTRY: and by the stipulated competition closing date, 22 June 2018, upload for each Team via the competition webpage:
1. A concept brief of no more than 500 words outlining the Team’s design thinking and solution/innovation.
2. A video pitch of up to 5 minutes with all students presenting to the camera and actively contributing to the presentation.  The video pitch must outline the design of the Team’s innovation in a medium of their choice, for example a physical model, computer design, or artistic impression, and should include visuals such as a Power Point presentation. The video pitch will be judged on content and how well the medium and visuals convey the Team’s innovation, rather than the quality of the production itself.
d) Competition Material must be realistic and hypothetically possible to implement.
e) Only one (1) entry is permitted per Entrant. If an Entrant does submit two (2) or more entries, only the first entry will be accepted and considered.
f) The Entrant must ensure that it is not involved in any conduct or activity:
i. that will or may directly or indirectly harm TfNSW or its name or reputation; or
ii. which brings, or may bring, TfNSW into disrepute, contempt, scandal or ridicule.
g) Entries that do not comply with these terms and conditions will be deemed invalid (for example, entries that exceed the 500 word limit or video entries that exceed 5 minutes), at the Promoter’s complete discretion.

5. Judging, Announcements and Prizes:

a) Judging of all Competition Material received from Teams during the Competition Period will take place after 22 June 2018. Competition Material submitted by Teams will be assessed by representatives elected by TfNSW in accordance with the Judging Criteria.
b) TfNSW’s decision will be final with no objections or appeals permitted and no correspondence entered into.
c) Finalists will be announced at Sydney on 2 July 2018. The Finalist will be contacted via email or phone within 24 hours of the announcement.
d) Finalists will be invited to prepare a presentation, of no longer than 10 minutes, including addressing questions submitted by the judging panel and be prepared to field impromptu questions from the judging panels at a finalist event.  Judges will consult to make the final decision as to who will be the Prize Winner, in line with the judging criteria. TfNSW’s decision will be final with no objections or appeals permitted and no correspondence entered into.
e) At its sole discretion, TfNSW may reject any entry and deem it ineligible for judging.
f) Entrants acknowledge and agree that this is a competition of skill and that chance will play no part in determining the Prize Winner.
g) The Prize Winner will be announced at a finals event in Sydney on 9 August 2018 (or such other date that TfNSW determines and makes known to Entrants). TfNSW will confirm the Prize Winner via email or phone and on the website within 24 hours of the announcement.
h) It is expected that all Finalists will attend the finals event. If a Finalist is unable to attend the finals event, that school’s Metro Minds coordinator must notify TfNSW prior to the event taking place.  
i) TfNSW reserves the right not to hold a finals event if it does not receive a sufficient number of Entries, or if a sufficient number of Finalists are not expected to attend the event, as determined at TfNSW’s sole discretion. If no finals event is held, the Prize Winner be announced on the website and contacted via email or phone.
j) TfNSW will deliver the Prizes to the Prize Winner at the finals event or by registered post (whichever applies) or as otherwise agreed. It is the responsibility of the Entrant to ensure that the contact details as submitted online are true and accurate.
k) The Prizes listed under clause 2 (iv) form the total of the prize pool for the relevant winning entry.
l) Prizes are not transferrable, exchangeable or redeemable for cash or any goods or services.

6. Intellectual Property and use of Competition Material

a) As a condition of entering this competition, the Entrant and their parent/legal guardian grants to TfNSW:
i. a perpetual, irrevocable, non-exclusive, royalty free, transferable and sub-licensable license to use, adapt, modify and reproduce the Competition Material throughout the world for the Permitted Purpose;
ii. a license to use any of the Competition Material (other than Personal Information) which may otherwise infringe their moral rights pursuant to the Copyright Act 1968 (Cth).
b) Without limitation, TfNSW may use or reproduce any Competition Material (in whole or part) in any publication, printed material, online or in other media without any further reference to the Entrant.
c) Each Entrant warrants that their entry and all Competition Material is their own original artistic work and does not infringe the copyright or other intellectual property rights or moral rights of any other person.
d) Entrants may not use Transport for NSW’s intellectual property rights or moral rights of any other person. The Entrant may not use Transport for NSW’s intellectual property (including images, logos or slogans from existing Transport for NSW campaigns).

7. Personal Information and use of Material

a) As a condition of entering this competition, the Entrant consents to TfNSW taking and using the entrant’s entry (including the Competition Material) and any photographs, video and sound recordings (including any likeness or image) of the Entrant in connection with this competition (including when receiving or enjoying the Prize) (collectively the “Material”) and to TfNSW publishing and distributing the Material (in whole or part) and his or her name on TfNSW’s or Sydney Metro’s website; on TfNSW’s or Sydney Metro’s Facebook Page; on television; in print and electronic mainstream media; and other associated promotional materials without any further reference or payment or other compensation to the entrant. The entrant acknowledges that the Material will be kept by TfNSW for an indefinite period of time.
b) TfNSW will deal with any personal information that is collected from entrants as part of this competition (“Personal Information”) in accordance with the Information Protection Principles under the Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1998 (NSW).
c) TfNSW collects Entrants Personal Information in order to conduct the competition and may, for this purpose, disclose such information to its officers, employees and agents and third parties, including any sponsors or suppliers of the Prize. Entrants must provide the Personal Information otherwise their entries will be invalid.
d) TfNSW may, for an indefinite period and unless otherwise advised by TfNSW, use the entrant’s Personal Information for promotional, marketing and publicity purposes including, but not limited to, sending electronic messages to, or telephoning, the entrant.
e) Personal Information will be stored by TfNSW at the address given above and entrants may contact TfNSW by mail at the address above to access or correct their Personal Information.  

8. Disclaimer and limitation of liability

TfNSW excludes liability for any loss, damage, personal injury or death whatsoever suffered or sustained in connection with the competition, the use of a Prize or any act or omission (whether negligent or not) of TfNSW or any person associated with TfNSW.

9. Declaration of conflict

It is a requirement of entry into this competition that all Entrants disclose any actual or potential conflict of interest, for example, where a participating student is the immediate relative (i.e. a child, stepchild, niece or nephew) of an employee or contractor of TfNSW.   Failure to disclose a conflict of interest may result in the Team’s entry being deemed invalid or an Entrant being disqualified from consideration as a Finalist or Prize winner, at TfNSW’s absolute discretion.  

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