Sydney Metro Trains Facility

Transport for NSW is constructing a specialised train stabling and maintenance facility as a key part of Sydney’s new metro rail network.

About the facility

The Sydney Metro Trains Facility will be built in stages, with capacity for 20 automated, metro trains when Sydney Metro Northwest opens in the first half of 2019. Later, it will provide stabling for 46 trains and maintenance services for a fleet of 76 trains as part of Sydney’s new metro network. This final design capacity will “future proof” the needs of Sydney’s broader metro rail system.

The site will be a secure area and include:

  • train stabling area
  • infrastructure maintenance facilities
  • administration buildings including an operations control centre
  • a bulk power sub-station.

The train maintenance building will be used for:

  • train washing
  • inspections and repairs
  • major train maintenance
  • wheel maintenance.

Trains will be washed in an automated train wash a minimum of twice a week with up to 95 per cent of the water recycled. The facility will operate 24 hours per day, seven days a week.

To minimise noise, train maintenance activities will be carried out in an acoustic enclosure. Horns will not be tested at the site.

Trains will be stored in the train stabling facility outside peak periods and between the last service and the first service the next day. Trains will be shut down once the train has been stabled and cleaned. 

Track and crossovers will connect the eastern end of the stabling yard with the main running lines near Cudgegong Road Station.

    First look: Sydney Metro Trains Facility

    Construction is well underway at the Sydney Metro Trains Facility at Rouse Hill, where our fleet of new trains will be stabled and maintained.

    Main site features

    The size of the Cudgegong Road Station to Sydney Metro Trains Facility construction zone is approximately 590,000 square metres (m2), about the size of 86 football fields.

    Construction activities

    • Spoil removal
    • Station construction
    • General civil works
    • Station construction and fit-out, station precinct works
    • Tunnel systems fit-out
    • Stabling facility construction and fit-out
    • At-grade surface and viaduct systems fit-out
    • Testing and commissioning.​

    Next stages of construction

    Work at the Cudgegong Road Station to Sydney Metro Trains Facility construction zone includes:

    • general civil works for Cudgegong Road Station, Sydney Metro Trains Facility and the rail alignment
    • cutting and embankment construction, bridge construction and drainage work.

    Work in establishing the construction zone has been completed. North West Rapid Transit, the Operations, Trains and Systems contractor is continuing the construction of the Tallawong Road bridge, the future administration building and maintenance facility, earthworks for the trains facility and foundations for the Cudgegong Road Station. 


    The facility is located in a site bounded by Tallawong Road, Schofields Road and First Ponds Creek in the Schofields and Rouse Hill localities.

    Construction updates

    Construction notification - Service installation
    PDF | 307.52 KB
    Community notification - Ridgeline Drive service installation
    PDF | 372.86 KB
    Construction notification_SMTF and Cudgegong Road_Construction update
    PDF | 505.4 KB
    Community Notification - Sydney Metro Trains Facility and Cudgegong Road construction site update March/April
    PDF | 516.21 KB
    Community Notification - traffic changes at Cudgegong Road and SMTF
    PDF | 316.33 KB

    Tallawong Station

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