Proposed Glenwood pedestrian link

Pedestrian access between the Glenwood residential area and the new pedestrian bridge is currently blocked by 1km of continuous property fences and noise barriers along Old Windsor Road - restricting the number of residents able to walk to Bella Vista Station, despite living in such close proximity.

In October 2015, Glenwood residents were consulted on a proposal to build a pedestrian link into Glenwood to provide easier and more direct access to the new pedestrian bridge linking to Bella Vista Station. The pedestrian bridge is part of the Sydney Metro project, which received planning approval in 2013.

Feedback from the community focused on:

  • Where a new pedestrian link could be located
  • Local traffic conditions and how these may be impacted by provision of a pedestrian link
  • Potential for increased on-street parking demand in Glenwood and how this could be managed
  • Desire for a well-lit, safe and attractive pedestrian link
  • How best to minimise potential impacts such as anti-social behaviour, noise and visual impacts

Sydney Metro used this community feedback to help inform the development of options for a pedestrian link.

Following survey work conducted in mid-2017 and further technical assessment, Sydney Metro identified a pedestrian link to Sharrock Avenue via Swansea Court as the option providing the most improved access for Glenwood residents.


A pedestrian link would mean around 700 Glenwood households – and two local schools, Glenwood High School and Parklea Public School - would be within a 15 minute walk of the new station. An even greater number of households would be within a short cycling distance.

A pedestrian link would also help improve access to the Norwest Business Park and education and training opportunities.

Review of Environmental Factors

In April/May 2018, Sydney Metro put a proposal for a link on public exhibition via a Review of Environmental Factors (REF), and sought feedback from Glenwood residents.

The REF was prepared to assess the likely impacts on the environment from the construction and operation of the link.

Submissions Report

Sydney Metro received 51 submissions to the REF.  The key concerns raised by the community focused on traffic and parking, the design of the pedestrian link, property and personal safety, and noise impacts.

The issues raised during the public exhibition of the REF, as well as Sydney Metro’s response to those issues, have been compiled into a Submissions Report. You can read it here.  

A community update is here.


The proposal has now been approved, subject to a number  of measures  to manage any potential impacts. No date has been set for construction.

Sydney Metro has started monitoring traffic and parking conditions in the vicinity of the proposed link and will continue this monitoring for 12 months after Sydney Metro services start. Sydney Metro will also monitor pedestrian and cyclist demand between Glenwood and Bella Vista Station.  

Sydney Metro is also in the process of securing a property in Swansea Court to safeguard the future construction of the link.

Sydney Metro will continue to engage with the community and government agencies during the proposal’s detailed design and construction stages.

Bella Vista Station

Norwest Station

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