Pitt Street Station

Pitt Street Station is an underground station, about 17 metres (north end) to 20 metres (south end) below ground level, located in the Sydney CBD.

Main station features

Pitt Street Station is strategically located at the junction of Sydney’s southern CBD and the Midtown retail precinct, close to mixed employment, residential, entertainment, cultural and events-based activities within the southern Sydney CBD and Chinatown.

The metro station at Pitt Street serves the retail areas on George and Pitt streets, the civic and entertainment uses on George Street and the emerging southern Sydney CBD residential developments between Park Street and Belmore Park. The station also provides relief to Town Hall Station, and allows interchange onto other modes of public transport including light rail and buses.

The station includes:

  • New bike parking on Park and Bathurst streets
  • Existing bus stops close to the station retained on Park and Castlereagh streets
  • Existing taxi bays close to the station retained on Castlereagh and Pitt streets
  • Wayfinding signage and metro information will be provided in the Sydney Traction substation integrated into the station building
  • Enhancement of pedestrian infrastructure around the station will be investigated further in consultation with the CBD Coordination Office, Roads and Maritime Services and City of Sydney Council.

Access and entry:

  • A northern pedestrian plaza opening to Pitt and Park streets
  • A southern pedestrian plaza opening to Bathurst Street.


The station is located below Pitt Street and Castlereagh Street, south of the Park Street intersection and north of the Bathurst Street intersection.

Indicative travel time (from 2024):

  • 2 minutes to Central Station
  • 2 minutes to Sydney Metro’s Martin Place Station.

Station construction

Construction at the station is split across two sites with temporary street-level working platforms over the excavation.

Work at the station includes:

  • Excavating shafts within both sites adjacent to the station cavern. The shafts are used 
to provide the future station entry and vertical access
  • Excavating the station caverns and other underground pedestrian connections from the shafts.

Construction updates

Construction notification - Pitt Street South - Out-of-hours hoarding work
PDF | 275.83 KB
Monthly update - Pitt Street Station - June 2019
PDF | 270.04 KB
Construction notification - Pitt Street North - Out-of-hours stormwater work
PDF | 178.85 KB
Quarterly newsletter - Pitt Street - May 2019
PDF | 3.77 MB
Monthly update - Pitt Street Station - May 2019
PDF | 263.3 KB

Martin Place Station

Central Station

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