Artarmon substation

About the substation

A planning modification went on exhibition in June 2017 proposing to relocate the Artarmon substation to 98-104 Reserve Road, Artarmon, within the Artarmon Industrial Area.

The Artarmon substation will supply traction power to the metro trains. The site will include an above-ground building for the substation and electrical equipment, and a shaft for the cables and maintenance access to the tunnels below.

Main site features

Construction of the Artarmon substation will involve:

  • Removing existing buildings
  • Excavating a vertical shaft to the tunnels below. This is likely to be carried out using a large diameter piling rig or raise bore. Drill and blast or penetrating cone fracture techniques may also be used
  • Lining and reinforcing the shaft
  • Building above-ground components
  • Installing electrical equipment.


The substation is located above the tunnels on land near the edge of the Gore Hill Freeway.

Artarmon power upgrade

Crows Nest Station

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