Artarmon substation

About the substation

The substation is located between the Chatswood dive site and Crows Nest Station. It supplies traction power for running the metro trains. The site includes an above-ground building (around five metres high) for the substation and electrical equipment, and a small shaft (around three metres wide) for cables to the tunnels below.

The architectural treatment of Artarmon substation focuses on maintaining the visual amenity and landscape character of the site.

Main site features

Work at the site includes:

  • excavating a vertical shaft to the tunnels below, likely to be carried out using a large diameter piling rig or raised bore. It may also involve drill and blast or penetrating cone fracture techniques 

  • lining and reinforcing the shaft 

  • building above-ground components 

  • installing electrical equipment.


The substation is located above the tunnels on land near the edge of the Gore Hill Freeway. 

Chatswood dive site

Crows Nest Station