Terms and conditions


  1. Only one entry is permitted per person.
  2. Entry is free and open to Australian residents only, aged 18 years or older who have correctly completed the online entry form. Entrants will be required to provide proof of age upon request by Sydney Metro.
  3. Entry is reserved for the general public. Employees of Transport for NSW, or their immediate family members, or any suppliers, contractors, employees of another government agency or any other individuals involved in or engaged by Transport for NSW or another government agency in respect of the Sydney Metro project will not be eligible to enter.
  4. All entries must be submitted online by no later than 2pm on 14 December 2016.
  5. Entrants acknowledge that the event will be held at a construction site that is not yet open to the public. Sydney Metro will therefore not be able to provide temporary wheelchair access for the purpose of the event. Further, entrants acknowledge that they must be suitably fit and able to walk without assistance down and up 200 stairs in an enclosed steel structure and they are not afraid of heights, suffer from vertigo or otherwise feel uncomfortable in confined spaces.
  6. Entrants will be required to nominate one guest as part of their entry form. The accompanying guest may be 10 years or older. Unless otherwise expressly approved by Sydney Metro, only entrants and their nominated guest identified in the entry form will be eligible to attend the event.

Selection of winners

  1. Names of entrants will be selected at random. Spaces are limited and only individuals who have fully completed the entry form and correctly answered the multiple choice question/s will be invited to attend the event.
  2. Only entrants that have been contacted by Sydney Metro and have been provided with a booking confirmation email will be eligible to attend the event (“Winners”). Members of the general public that have not registered, been nominated as a guest or received a booking confirmation email will not be eligible to attend. Winners and their guest will be required to show photo identification on the day.
  3. Tickets to the event are non-transferable and Winners warrant that they will not, or permit their guests to, sell or exchange a ticket to the event or otherwise advertise or use the Sydney Metro name or logo in respect of the event in any communication to another party.

Requirements for attendance to the Event

  1. Children must be accompanied by an adult at all times.
  2. Winners are responsible for their own transport to and from the event as detailed in the booking confirmation email.  Sydney Metro notes that there will be limited parking available at the event.
  3. Winners are responsible for arriving at the time specified by Sydney Metro on the day of the event. Sydney Metro will not wait for Winners and their guests if they are late or do not turn up on the day.
  4. Sydney Metro reserves the right to change the date or time of the event, or cancel the event in its absolute discretion. Should this occur, Sydney Metro will attempt to notify visitors via the contact details provided in the online registration forms.
  5. Winners acknowledge that access to the site will be subject to the control of Sydney Metro and its contractors. Access to the site may be limited or restricted at Sydney Metro’s or its contractor’s absolute discretion.
  6. Winners may be required to attend a safety induction on the day of the event. Sydney Metro reserves the right to exclude any Winner and their guest from the site of the event that do not comply with the requirements of the safety induction or that Sydney Metro considers in its reasonable discretion should not be permitted onto the site.
  7. Winners acknowledge that they may be required to sign a form on the day of the event in respect of the safety induction prior to being permitted onto the site of the event.  
  8. Winners must at all times comply with the directions of Sydney Metro, its representatives or contractors when accessing the site of the event. Any failure by Winners to comply with the directions of Sydney Metro, its representatives or contractors may result in Winners being excluded from the site.
  9. Winners must wear sturdy flat enclosed shoes at all times (no open shoes or high heels), long pants and a long sleeve shirt on the day. Winners not wearing the appropriate clothing on the day will be denied entry to the site of the event.
  10. If Winners are unable to attend please contact info@metronorthwest.com.au or call 1800 019 989 by no later than 5pm Wednesday 14 December 2016.


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