Sydney Metro City & Southwest project planning and approval table

Stage 1: early consultation

  • Early Project consultation undertaken prior to the commencement of the formal approval process.
  • Project refined on the basis of the early Project consultation.
  • Initial scoping of EIS investigations undertaken on the basis of early
  • Project consultation.

Stage 2: Environmental impact statement

  • Transport for NSW prepares and submits a State significant infrastructure application to the Secretary of the NSW Department of Planning and Environment (DP&E), which includes a supporting document outlining the Project and its likely impacts.
  • Planning focus meeting with key government stakeholders and community consultation.
  • DP&E issues Secretary’s environment assessment requirements (SEARs) for the EIS with focus on key issues.

Stage 3: exhibition consultation and review

  • DP&E exhibits the EIS for a minimum of 30 days and invites public submissions.
  • Secretary may require proponent to respond to submissions and submit a preferred infrastructure report outlining proposed changes to minimise environmental impacts or address any other issues raised during assessment of the application.

Stage 4: Assessment and detirmination

  • Assessment by DP&E, draft Secretary’s environmental assessment report prepared with recommended conditions or refusal. Agencies and councils consulted by DP&E.
  • Secretary’s environmental assessment report finalised with recommendations and submitted to Minister for Planning.

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